Drinkin' Games

Shots and Ladders
Players: 2 - 4
Equipment: 1 Chutes and Ladders Board Game
Players preference of alcoholic refreshment
History: I believe this game came about because we thought the game of "Shots and Ladders" would be nifty. We then set about to make up rules for the game, and get the game too. Then fun was had by all.
Rules: Very simply, drink anytime you go down a "chute" and give away drinks whenever you go up a "ladder." The number of drinks is determined by the number of rows the chute or ladder spans.

For example, Billy gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar. This causes him to break the jar and to slide down 3 rows. Billy needs to take 3 drinks.

Warnings: Disappointing as it may sound, do not use shots for your drinks in this game. Yes the game is called "Shots and Ladders," but it has been rigourously play-tested. Please believe us when we say we don't want you caught with the booze and sliding into the morgue.

Drinkin' Candyland
Players: 2 - 6
Equipment: 1 Candyland Board Game
Player's preference of alcoholic refreshment
1 Communal Shot Glass
Selection of Liquor for Shots
History: This one came about along the same lines as "Shots and Ladders." Maybe we find perverse pleasure in corrupting childhood games. Maybe we are just a bunch of drunken lushes. Who knows. These are questions for the ages.
Rules:Every player picks a color at the start of the game. This is their color for the rest of the game. For those who don't remember Candyland uses cards with colors on them to advance game peices (ie. pick a card with blue on it, move to the next blue square.) Whenever another player pulls your color, give away drinks. Whenever you pull your own color, you drink. Cards that have 2 color squares on them count as double. Scattered about the board a special squares that can be drawn from the deck(Mr. Mint, Sugar-plum Fairy, That Gingerbread Guy, etc...). A player who pulls one of these special cards is rewarded/punished by partaking of the communal shot. They also move to the noted spot. There are also spots on the board which the player cannot move from until the draw a specified color. When a player is mired on one of these spots they drink on each of their turns until they can leave the spot.

For example, Billy challanges Sue to a game of "Drinkin' Candyland." Sue tells Billy to "Bring it" and the game starts. Billy selects the color blue and Sue selects yellow as her color. Sue starts. She pulls a card with blue on it. Billy says, "Ha. Suck it down!" After moving her token to the first blue square, Sue drinks. Billy's turn. He draws a blue card, moves his token and drinks. Sue gives him a, "Right back at ya." Billy mutters something about who shuffled these cards. [...Several turns pass...] Billy is now stuck in the "Caramel Swamp" and is drinking every turn until he pulls a double purple card. It is Sue's turn. She pulls Mr. Mint as her card. After her shameful stroll back to the beginning of the game board, she pours herself a shot of Rumpleminz and shoots it back. "Now that is damn tatsy," she states. "Ha ha," says Billy before pulling another yellow card. "Suck it down loser boy." Billy takes 2 drinks, one from Sue and another for being stuck...

Warnings: Due to the nature of how players advance tokens, always be prepared for a long game. In general expect 1 or 2 shots per game. In play-testing is was not uncommon for at least one player to have 4 to 6 shots in one game. In short, bring your liver to this game.

Drunk Driver
Players: 2
Equipment: 1 Deck of cards
Player's preference of alcoholic refreshment
History:This one was passed down from a previous generation.
Rules:This is a good old fashion, "I need an excuse to drink" game. The 2 players face each other. One player is the dealer, the other is the "driver." Start by placing 10 cards face down in a line between the dealer and the driver. The cards should be dealt from the dealer towards the driver. The driver starts by picking up the first card in front of them. Whenever the driver picks up a 10, Jack, Queen or a King, the driver drinks and the dealer places x number of additional cards on the pick up line. the drink/card assignment for each card is 10 - 1, Jack - 2, Queen - 3, and King - 4. These are the number of drinks and cards placed down whenever one of these cards are pulled. The game continues until the driver turns over all of the dealt cards. Once the game is over the dealer and the driver should switch positions.

To give the game some flavor, the dealer should make a story to go along with the driver's "magical" journey. Everytime the driver drinks another mishap should happen on his quest to get home safely.

Every game should start with the Drunk Driver theme song. To the tune of "Ghostrider": "Drunk driver, inebriated hero..."